Aviation biofuels to reduce CO 2 footprint

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Sustainable flights

Avikor. Simple and straightforward

Avikor is the gateway to SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) for anyone. And it is direct, unlike compensation systems. Our current way of life is nothing more than a burden on the environment. What to do then? Do we give up air travel entirely?

Commitment to the environment

What do you do?

Whichever airline you have chosen, when you indicate the flight code already purchased on the Avikor website, an automatic calculation is made of the liters of SAF that correspond to you as part of the ticket. You will have the option to decide the percentage with which you want to contribute making your flight greener. You will only assume the price difference between traditional fuel and biofuel.
The more members of the flight contribute, the more CO 2 emissions will be reduced. That is why it is so important that you share this sustainable experience. The more people we are committed to, the greater the benefit for the environment.

combustible sostenible
combustible sostenible

Biofuels are the best option to reduce CO 2 emissions in the aviation sector since in their complete life cycle they offset up to 80% of these emissions. In addition, with its use we promote the development of the aviation biofuels sector as well as circular economy.

This creates more and new jobs. And new business and employment opportunities are new opportunities for the planet. The energy transition is unstoppable. And we need you too.

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Sustainable fuel. What do we do?​

Once your purchase is closed, we enter the amount of SAF purchased for each day's flights into the airport's refueling system, replacing the traditional kerosene. We will send you a message informing you before your flight departs. And we will accredit the volume of sustainable fuel contracted, which is certified by AENOR as an independent entity.


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