How to reduce companies CO2 emissions

Implementing sustainable practices that reduce CO2 emissions brings benefits, both for the environment and for companies. Taking care of the planet improves the image of any business in addition to making cost management profitable. And this just by following some strategies to minimize the carbon footprint. Let us explain how to reduce a companies CO2 emissions.

How to reduce CO2 emissions in a company?

There are multiple ways to reduce a company’s CO2 emissions, which are easier to implement than is usually thought. Some of the most effective strategies are:

1. Measure the carbon footprint of your company

Being aware of the impact of your company’s set of activities is the starting point to take efficient measures. Measuring a company’s carbon footprint is surely the most effective way to reduce its CO2 emissions. And the truth is, there are different alternatives to perform these measurements, including the most complete, hiring the services of a sustainability consultancy. although it is also the most expensive.

Although being the most expensive option, at the same time, it´s the most profitable. These consultancies have the ability to detect the companies main sources of contamination. Another advantage is they provide a complete plan to solve the sustainability problems of the business that hires them.

2. Reduce emissions from your vehicle fleet and business trips

Vehicle fleets, in businesses that need to distribute products, are one of the main sources of CO2 emissions in companies. However, there are different methods to carry out this activity, reducing, as far as possible, pollution in a more eco friendly way. The fleet updating, its correct maintenance, as well as efficient driving courses, are good examples in this sense.

Business plane trips involve a considerable increase in the companies carbon footprint due to the use of traditional kerosene as fuel. A way to minimize the carbon footprint is to offset emissions. Another, more interesting, is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. If you develop a corporate CSR policy, here is the only project in Spain that will help you be more sustainable with the option for your company of hiring biofuel for your flights.

3. Settle in areas with good transportation options

When creating a new branch or infrastructure, ensure that the place where it is to be installed has good traveling options so that employees can move in a sustainable way; a decision that can significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

For this reason, it is recommended that companies choose places with bus stops, metro stations, bicycle paths, etc …

4. Consider implementing teleworking

In a company, it is common that employees have to move every day from their homes to their workspace. However, an alternative work option that allows trip saving, and their respective CO2 emissions, is teleworking. As a result of Covid19, a good part of the companies have gone through this experience and in many cases it has been maintained for certain days.

5. Hold virtual meetings

In a similar way to what we have just mentioned, with virtual meetings we manage to avoid the mobilization of the management team, the rest of the company staff, suppliers or clients to the same point, reducing the environmental impact.

6. Choose the right providers

Another interesting way to reduce a companies CO2 emissions is choosing the right suppliers; choosing those that are the most respectful with the environment. The advantage of this point is that a radical change in the company isn´t necessary, only choosing the services that guarantee its commitment to caring for the environment.

7. Use renewable energy

Hiring an electricity supplier that uses renewable energy is a fairly effective way to reduce CO2 emissions. A similar alternative is to invest in your own solar panels and change your vehicle fleet to hybrids or, better yet, electric vehicles.