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Showing off, self-esteem in social media or full disclosure?

Let’s take it one step at a time. Maybe you’re a person that, when you travel, you want to disconnect from everything. That’s why you have the whatsapp Vacation Mode feature. With it you can archive the chats that you don´t want them to bother you. And that is usually the relationship of contacts related to your work, for example. This way, when they text you, you won’t see their chats on the main screen or receive a notification. And so, you disconnect. Hummm, what peace and quiet!

Maybe you like to pretend and you joined the fashion of the #facay (from fake, fake, and ‘vacay’, holidays), come on, fake photos to pretend that you are in a remote destination. Bad idea as a substitute for a good trip. Aristóteles once said: “Adventure is worth it”.

Perhaps you are a person who wants to show yourself to the world, to be an example of knowledge of cultures and places or simply an “accidental traveller”. The point is that you want to tell the world where you want to go, where you are and what you like best at the moment.

Travelling with Instagram. Destinations with more likes

Your next vacation destination can catch you from a place with more Instagram “likes”. It’s not an invention. Researchers at the University of Georgia in the USA suggest that success on social media platforms affects travel-oriented decision-making in many ways. In other words, the social response you want of a destination can be your booster to book a flight to that place.

You can activate Instagram filters like “Where will I go my next holidays?” And then you can choose or maintain your travel expectation with which to open new borders.

In any case, these are the destinations that are more balanced between the number of Instagram posts, the likes they receive and the average per post:

  • Los Angeles, USA: This American city is the sixth most Instagram visited in the world.
  • Saint Petersburg in Russia: Posts that include Russian geolabels received more than 8 million “likes” in total.
  • Istanbul, in Turkey: Instagram’s paradise.
  • London, United Kingdom: its particular feature is that it surpasses any other place on the planet in number of selfies.
  • Dubai, in the Arab Emirates: one of the most popular destinations on Instagram despite the relatively low number of posts compared to other places.
  • Phuket, in Thailand: surpassed Bangkok in one particular aspect, its food.

Instagramer holidays. Tips for your online life

There is no vacation without Instagram, even less when Twiter drops on users and Facebook doesn’t seduce everybody like it used to.

So, before launching yourself into the smartphone world, plan and follow these small recommendations:

  • Use the camera app on your phone. You’ll make better photos and videos than with the Instagram camera.
  • Grab a couple of external batteries. They’ll be very helpful if you’re spending a lot of time away from your accommodation. And even if it’s a truism, remember loading them.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your mobile phone.
  • Update all your apps. Instagram, obviously, and other tools like editing apps.
  • If you don’t want the entire community following you to see your holiday poses, use the “best friends filter on Instagram and exclude the rest of this trip.
  • Think of a special hashtag for this unique journey.

The art of photography on holidays

Ready? Let’s shoot:

  • With photos, the higher the better. They win in panoramic.
  • If you want something really photogenic, write down a good sunset.
  • Food. One of the main Instagram topics.
  • Always choose a good background scenario.
  • Photo from the window of the plane in flight. A classic. By the way, as you travel, as you do it by plane and as, sure, you are more than committed to the environment, remember to add to your flight Avikor to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Tradition always rules, so don’t resist #selfeets.

You can also choose photo tours, joined by a professional photographer. An upward trend -since 2016, only in Spain, bookings of this type of travel have grown by 274%- to know shocking locations and expand or acquire knowledge about photography. With digital camera or instant; day or night; underwater tour or by bike… an unforgettable flash experience in hand.

Post on Instagram. The final goal

And, now lets talk about hashtags. There are many generators that can help you with their suggestions, like TagsFinders. Do you know which ones were the most popular with #vacations? According to Top-Hashtags, the following: #travel #summer #beach #accomodation #traveler #world #travel #traveller #traveler #backpackers #travelagency.

Now that everything is ready, remember that conquering your followers with your holiday wanderings is important, but your vacations and your life is more important, so you don’t have to post at every step. Do it at night, from the hotel and with its Wi-Fi, and keep photos and videos to upload them back with the #latergram hashtag.

Bon voyage and let Instagram accompany you!