ideas to reduce pollution

Ensuring a healthy environment for future generations must be everyone´s priority. To achieve this, one of the main approaches that must be taken is to adopt ways to reduce pollution when carrying out our day-to-day activities. Individual environmental responsibility is your great contribution to the planet. Here are 7 ideas to reduce pollution.

7 simple ideas to reduce pollution

There are many ways to protect the environment. These are mainly focused on reducing the use of plastics, the emission of carbon dioxide and the consumption of electrical energy. Within these measures, there are several ideas to reduce pollution that only require changing our daily habits. Some of the best are:

1. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy saving bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are great consumers of electricity which goes unnoticed by many. These waste up to 85% of the energy turning it into heat and only using the rest to really illuminate. Low consumption light bulbs are a much more economical and ecological alternative, whether they are LED, halogen or fluorescent. Remember to take them to a clean point once their life cycle has concluded.

2. Choose public transport and cycling

Several studies let us know that carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere are the main cause of pollution on the planet. For this reason, we should not hesitate to use public transport to reduce pollution, especially when going in our own car is not entirely necessary.

Bicycles are also an even more environmentally friendly alternative to travel short distances. They are an excellent way to play sports, and also a zero pollution means of transport.

3. Choose energy efficient appliances

If you want to be more responsible with the environment, a good idea to reduce pollution is to buy appliances that have a low consumption index (A +, A + +, …). Investing a little more in these types of appliances does the planet a favor as well as your pocket, reducing the electricity bill.

4. Use recycled material products 

There is little need to produce something from scratch when the necessary materials are processed from the recycling of others. Nowadays there are some discarded material products that are found quite frequently, like recycled textiles, fibers from bottles collected from the oceans or recycled steel. Find out about the composition of the products you purchase.

5. Do not leave the electrical appliances in “stand by” mode

In “stand by” mode, the electrical appliances are in the idle state, even so, they are still connected and consuming electricity. Although the device consumption in “stand by” mode is less than in full use, it turns out to be between 7 and 11% of the total consumption of an average home. They are the so-called home energy vampires.

For this reason, it is not recommended to leave the electrical appliances in “stand by” mode and instead, an alternative to contaminate less is to disconnect them completely from the power supple. This also applies to smartphone battery chargers that you leave plugged in after charging is complete.

6. Take our own cloth bag to the supermarket

Plastics are some of the most polluting waste, and bags are their most common form. It is possible to drastically reduce the amount we generate of this waste by simply buying one or more cloth bags and using them in our visits to the market so we don´t need the plastic ones. Another good option is to use the traditional shopping cart or reuse the plastic ones you have at home.

7. Travel in a sustainable way

Adding Avikor to your flight means to be a responsible traveler, since you contribute to make your flight greener. Avikor is your gateway to SAF (Sustainable Aviation Biofuels), allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint.