Benefits of being a sustainable company

Many businessmen and women see sustainability as unnecessary and an investment that deviates from the objectives of their company. However, there are multiple benefits of being a sustainable company that even lead to a competitive advantage over other businesses with a less compromised outlook.

What are the benefits of being a sustainable company?

There are countless reasons why it pays to be a sustainable company and, at the same time, there is increasing rejection, judgment and sanctions towards business models that are not respectful with the environment.

For this reason, it seems that, today, and even more in the future, operating in an environmentally friendly way is more important for the success of a company, since it gives multiple benefits.

1. Better image as a company

One of the most relevant benefits of being a sustainable company is the image of the brand itself. The importance of this lies in the fact that more and more consumers are looking at how responsible the businesses in which they buy goods and services are.

Emphasizing the above, studies such as that of the Natural Market Institute (NMI) have found that 58% of those surveyed prefer to buy in sustainable businesses. For this reason, it is important for a company to implement practices that are committed with the environment.

2. Efficient use of resources and cost savings

An essential step in achieving a sustainable company is to make more efficient use of resources. This, in addition to saving tons of waste to the planet, also reduces the monthly costs in production materials, electricity and fuels, if transportation is necessary.

3. Meet the regulations

Environmental regulations for business activity are becoming stricter and fines are very expensive for those who do not comply. However, a company that for years has been implementing solutions to be more sustainable shouldn´t worry about this at all.

Despite the Covid19 pandemic, the EU has not departed from its strategy of “climate neutrality”, improving energy efficiency, substantially increasing the weight of renewable energies and imposing goals for the reduction of greenhouse gasses effect.

4. Lower risk

Sustainable companies are proven to be less likely to fail or be affected by shocks and/or unexpected events. This is probably because the way these businesses operate is more efficient and profitable, and therefore they can survive on minimal resources.

5. Helps to attract more customers

There are more and more people interested in their consumption activity not being harmful to the planet. As we mentioned above, 58% of those surveyed by the NMI prefer to buy from those who have the least impact on the environment.

Therefore, among the benefits of being a sustainable company, it stands out that it is possible to target this new type of increasingly broad audience, regardless of their sector.

6. More interested investors

Although investors are more focused on the profitability of the business, being a sustainable company is a plus with which you can attract more funding. Businesses committed to the environment receive more investment than those that are not, precisely because of their long-term vision and because they meet the demands of society.