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Ecosistema Avikor

Exolum, sustainability and efficiency

Exolum is the evolution of the CLH Group. We are dedicated to transport and store of a wide range of bulk liquids, especially refined products, chemicals and biofuels. All this, integrating the criteria of sustainability and efficiency, with the aim that the activities we carry out contribute to improving the quality of life and the progress of society. More than 2,300 families depend on our lines of work. And millions of people on how we approach a future that is already present for us.

Sustainable Development Goals. We are moved by the green stimulus

Daniel Yergin, energy expert and 1992 Pulitzer Prize winner, postulates that “energy companies are going to be necessary because, if we really want to transform the economy, we will need companies that know how to execute large projects” At Exolum we have accepted this challenge for the energy sector by developing Avikor . Because we understand that “business models must make economic sense, but they must be sought within the sustainable development objectives” , Félix Gómez, Technology & Innovation Lead at Exolum.​

Ecosistema Avikor
Ecosistema Avikor

Biofuels to improve the planet.
Statistics don´t lie

Take note of this information and act accordingly. According to data from the European Parliament for 2019, emissions from international aviation grew by almost 130% in two decades. Worldwide, flights produce 895 million tons of CO2. Spain ranks second in Europe and fifth in the world in terms of the amount of emissions produced through air travel.

It´s not a joke.
That is why we must regain balance on our planet.

Aware of the challenges of the energy sector, Avikor is born in 2020 by the hand of Exolum as a way to bring society closer to the decarbonization of means of transport,
specifically, aviation.

Avikor is a pioneering and unique solution for individuals and companies to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in commercial aviation. In December 2020 we participated in the first transoceanic flight with sustainable fuel in Spain.
Many good experiences await us. Facts are reasons.