combustible sostenible de aviación

Exolum´s SEO Jorge Lanza, together with Amparo Brea,  Director of Innovation, Sustainability and customer experience and CGO of Aena, and Javier Gándara, President of ALA (Association of Airlines), have presented our Avikor platform in Barcelona.

Use of sustainable aviation fuel

The use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) compared to conventional fuels represents a great environmental advantage as well as a great challenge for the sector and its users. At the event, it was highlighted how sustainable biofuels are the best option to reduce CO2 emissions in the aviation sector, since in their complete life cycle they avoid up to 80% of these emissions. Hence the launch of Avikor, as a platform that offers both individuals and companies the opportunity to fly sustainably by choosing to use SAF.

In words of Jorge Lanza, CEO of Exolum, “in line with our commitment to sustainability and promoting the use of more environmentally friendly fuels, we have created the Avikor platform that makes available to any passenger the possibility of flying in an environmentally friendly way.  In this sense, we must be aware that we all generate, directly or indirectly, a carbon footprint and to reduce the impact of our flights is possible if we decide to ”.

Avikor’s slogan “Fly with your feet on the ground” clearly reflects the current awareness of avoiding environmental problems and the need to make it compatible with the use of commercial flights as part of our economic and welfare system. Amparo Brea, Director of Innovation, Sustainability and Customer Experience and CGO of Aena, highlights that “the compatibility of air traffic with sustainability is a strategic priority for all agents in the sector (…) The transition towards a decarbonized economy requires joining forces to face one of humanity’s greatest challenges. “

Sustainable aviation

At the same time, president of ALA, Javier Gándara, welcomed the Avikor project as it brings SAF closer to passengers and the sector in its entirety, making it possible to advance in a more sustainable aviation. Also affirms that “the airlines have set ourselves as a goal to achieve carbon neutral emissions by 2050 and to achieve this, sustainable fuel is essential ”, stated Gándara.

The presentation opens a window to accompany passengers and companies in their environmental and CSR commitment. From Avikor we are very happy with this new step and very grateful to Aena and ALA for their invaluable support.